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Hawque Protection Group realized during the early launch that several neighborhoods that were impacted by high crime in Atlanta didn't have security or police patrols and we were confused around the "why".  We engaged with the residents of this one particular neighborhood in South Atlanta to see what their pain points where and how our team of security professionals could help.  

We later learned that they didn't have an HOA, a security patrol or even regular police presence in their neighborhood.  We knew we wanted to help in any way and offered them free security patrols, funded by Hawque for a set amount of time.  We started with raising awareness around this issue with our media contacts as we wanted to garner as much help as possible around this. 


We learned a lot during those 2 months with mostly weekend after hour patrols.  We would use guards and police officers, depending on the spike in crimes at that time. We assisted with deterring an attempted break-in to alerting local PD around a possible sex trafficking and prostitution ring to gang members casing the neighborhood portraying as home owners.  


Through our pilot program, SafeATL, we connected the neighborhood to its city council, local law enforcement Chief and team and also help construct their first organized HOA.  During our patrols, crime was reduced by over 75% during our patrols.  Their active HOA Board have a sense of empowerment and are leading their own charge.

We are excited to have the opportunity to go back to how we started, by gifting free security patrols and technology to neighborhoods that can't afford it through our approved 501c3 non-profit, A Safer City!

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