Security services designed to solve the unique problems your business, assets or clients face. 

Our Solutions & Network

Executive Protection

Our services are not only provided by our in house team of trained professionals, but also our vetted security partners that are licensed and highly specialized in certain fields nationally and globally. We are a strong supporter of supplier diversity and target local firms in the markets that our clients request services, if we do not have a presence there.  


We employ full and part-time security professionals and/or licensed firms, who provide armed and unarmed security services; cybersecurity; private investigations; and expert-level training.   Our partner firms are required to put their resources through our proprietary training to ensure that our clients receive our Ritz Carlton experience consistently.  Our fully accredited workforce and partners have extensive experience in handling complex and sensitive security and investigative projects. Our protection officers are highly qualified to fulfill your security needs with integrity and professionalism.  

Security Guard
Minimize theft, vandalism, auto break-ins and acts of violence with patrolling services. Through our on-foot and vehicular patrolling services, we can stop a situation before it even happens. Our officers are trained in identifying situations and handling unwanted activity. Additionally, through our patrolling services, we can alert property owners and managers about emergency situations such as water leaks and power outages.
Security Consulting
Our team of expert consultants can help guide you around creating the best strategy for your business, assets or family. From commercial properties to churches, homes, retail and more, we can assist you with the best security plan and assessment that suits your needs.
Film Production Security
Our security services are designed to secure your filming location, and protect your cast, crew, and equipment. Location shooting offers its own unique threats and risks, so we design patrol tours, standing guard placement, and post order duties to maximize our surveillance and minimize opportunities for theft, trespassing, vandalism, disturbances, and other unwanted activity.
House Security & Threat Assessments
The bedrock of safety and security for your family starts with residential security & threat assessments. You need a plan and we can provide one.
Secure Transportation
Our trained executive protection agents are also trained in defensive driving techniques. Allow us to provide you, your family or clients the security and peace of mind they deserve.
Executive Protection
Executive protection services mitigate the elevated personal risk of individuals due to their prominence, wealth, occupation, reputation, travel destinations or other factors. Allow our team of trained protection agents to secure your C-Suite management, assets, family or clients and provide you a peace of mind.
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