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Law enforcement versus private security in the United States

September 29, 2021

Where are law enforcement officers leaving to? Historically we have seen younger officers leave their department, such as myself, for other departments, federal agencies and non-law enforcement careers in general compared to officers with 10 years of experience or more. There is never a “typical working day” for any law enforcement officer in the world. Days are long and drag on longer than your shift is slotted for. A 10-hour shift will be a 12-hour shift and so on. As an officer, your off time is often tied up being in court, or in training and with crime increasing, the chance of you being called in on your day off is increasing. More importantly, with ambush style attacks up 91% over the past year, the big question is who would want to be a police officer right now?

Private security firms are even making an attempt at community engagement to gain the trust of the community. If we take a look at the firm Hawque, they’ve borrowed from the Ritz’s Gold Standard training model and incorporated its core components into their service arm, Hawque Protection Group (HPG). This is a significant move away from the traditional private security model— a model known for paying low wages, minimal training, poor customer service and has engaged in discriminatory practices, which has yielded several lawsuits over the past few years. Read More


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